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Pro Ana - The Starving

Hey, everyone! Just a little bit back, I explained how I needed you guys to give me your motives to be lanky once I did my reasons and I got a slew of answers, so I will share them! Continue reading at the remarks below.

I also wanted to mention my comment section is a SUPER SAFE place for you men to converse with me or another, have discussions, port, whatever you require, feel free to place it there!


Unless it is super offensive, then I will not take it all down.

★out of Elisabeth★

— Thus my hair appears thicker

— Thus I will fit into precisely the exact same swimsuit I’ve worn since 7th grade


— Thus I am not necessarily whoever GIVES piggyback rides

— Thus my dresses hang me off rather than resisting me

— Thus my waist looks amazing in tight clothing

— So that I could bend in a swimsuit with no belly touching itself

— Thus I could remain in the” underweight” class if you google your own weight and height (idk it is weirdly satisfying)


— Thus that I could be the tall woman with no the” big” woman

— So that I do not need to suck in my belly once I shift for PE

— Thus my ribs show when I lift my hands over my mind

— I do not need to shape my cheekbones and collarbones

— Thus you may see the overview of my rib cage once I use a tube-top

— I could stay the skinniest man in my buddy group

— I get those” wow you are so skinny” remarks

— Thus I could go to a restaurant with my friends prior to a school dance without having some” food baby” later


— Thus even when I am bloated, I look skinny

— Thus I could look at everybody else in space and understand I am the tiniest

— I could sit down rather than have my thighs signature

— Thus I could slide bracelets off and on my wrist without undoing the grip

— So bracelets seem prettier on me (you understand that elegant manner they sort of curtain over your collarbones?)


— I could seem graceful when I walk down school halls

— Thus that my friends ask me how I stay so skinny

— Thus I have this Gorgeous community to be part of

★out of Chloe★

— therefore I fit in shopping from the tiny section (I’m really brief )

— to get most of the raised eyebrows and impressed appearances

— to Have the Ability to wear anything and look good

— therefore I seem delicate and almost breakable

— thus I’m the thinnest, tiny-est man in my group

— thus I do not have gross fat hanging off my thighs

— thus I do not have that bizarre armpit fat

— so I can use sports bras Once I workout

— so I can wear a body con apparel

— my thighs do not chafe

— therefore my face does not look fat when my hair is down

— to the slender hips

— to the Very Small ankles

— to the observable ribs beneath my collarbones

— so folks Begin to be worried about me

— therefore I’m that woman that’glowed up’ on the summertime

★out of abi★

* Since I could

* Since I am the desire artist

* Since I wish to

* Since if I could achieve this, I could do anything!

* Since of most of the people in my personal own life who die of jealousy when they see how I seem


* Since it makes me feel completely new daily!

* Since I simply won’t Stop

* Since I’ve desired to be this way indefinitely

* Since I really don’t have any time to waste on meals

* Since I could do anything I set my head to

* Since I now have the willpower

* Since it is my entire life

* Since it is my pick

* Due to my birthday

★out of yolanda★

Looking and feeling as my actual self.

No fat rolls rolling up on themselves once I am trying to sleep .

Fitting nearly everywhere.

Appreciating every bite of miniature food rather than carrying eating for granted.


Feeling cooler in the summertime!

Appearing like a doll in winter clothing (versus appearing just like a rotund snowman). pro ana tips and tricks for beginners 


They were super inspiring for me! Can I do more of those interactive articles? And in case you have any article asks, allow me to know!

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